Sivaji College of Engineering & Technology is one of the most prestigious initiatives of Prof.V. Jagannatha Panicker Memorial Charitable Trust, Trivandrum. The trust has been founded by Dr. Sivaji Jaganathan, Managing Trustee and Chairman of the College in remembrance of his beloved father Prof. V. Jagannatha Panicker. Prof.V. Jagannatha Panicker was a great scholar, renowned teacher and a journalist par excellence. He believed that society can develop only through quality education.


  • Guide students to develop analytical thinking, effective writing, speaking and learning skills and ability to use latest technologies in an efficient manner.
  • Nurture the ability of students to work collaboratively and ethically within a group.
  • Boost students to colligate theoretical knowledge in real world applications.
  • Establish a community of committed faculty and staff entrusted to make professional relationships with students that emphasize the educational needs and interests of each student.
  • Maintain a system of collaborative college administration in which students play a major role in development of college wide policies and student disciplinary activities; which provide significant opportunities for the students to develop leadership qualities and good understanding of democratic practices.
  • Organize programs that encourage the extracurricular activities of students in addition to offering programs that enhance their interactive learning skills.
  • Become an instrument of social change and force for unity of the individuals irrespective of linguistic, religious, and caste groups and inspire students to work for the eradication of social evils.
  • Carry out a tradition of excellence through educational outreach to the southern most region of India.


In order to fulfill our vision, our mission is to create an excellent learning ambience which offers the finest of technical education facilities comparable to international standards and a team of efficient and committed teachers who provide extreme support to build up academic excellence and moral values in students.


Our vision is the blooming of aspirant youngsters ameliorated with high technical capabilities, managerial skills, professional ethics and social commitment for the advancement of the society.