Sivaji College of Engineering and Technology

 HANDS-ON WORKSHOP – Prototyping Driverless Car 

•Are you looking forward to upgrade your skills in emerging technologies to a whole new level 

•Are you interested in polishing your technical skills in new products that lead to technical exposure* 

•Fasten your belts, because INNOVATION CELL @ SIVAJI , FOSS CELL and NGI TBI jointly brings you an excellent opportunity to enhance your technical skills in prototyping driverless cars soon to be seen in Indian roads too*

The courses covers the following topics:

•Basics python coding
•Introducing Sensors and their functions
•Hardware used in prototyping.
•Troubleshooting processes

•The proposed date for the event is :
 January 5th , 2022 

 Master the technology, before it makes you addict 
 Develop your vision , so as to forecast what tech awaits you in next decade 

 Course fee: ₹400 only

 Limited seat to offer 

For registration, click above link :

For any further queries, contact:
1. CELL CEO : Miss Aswathy :+91 73 56 04 92 87
2. CELL CTO : Mr Abhishek :+91 96 33 97 21 76

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